What do we do?

We develop websites, but not just any websites, we have specialist knowledge of the latest responsive methods and frameworks to give your website visitors the best user experience whether they are browsing your site on a desktop pc, tablet or mobile phone. In a world where people live on their smartphones, responsive design is a must not an optional extra which is why by default every website we develop comes fully responsive as standard.

We have clients all over the UK and overseas in Spain and Italy.

The companies we work with come from all sorts of industries from recruitment and catering to yoga and telecommunications.

Why does my website need to be responsive?

Because Google will treat it nicer if it is!

On April 21st 2015, Google launched a new algorithm which affected how search results display to people browsing the web on their mobiles. Utimately what this means is, Google will treat sites that are responsive or 'mobile friendly' as a priority pushing them up the results.

It makes sense right? If someone is searching on a mobile, then they only want to be taken to sites that are mobile friendly.


As well as developing responsive websites, we also manage your email marketing campaigns, design and develop for social media platforms and offer bespoke support solutions.

Responsive Websites

The backbone of our business is 'responsiveness'. Every website we create is developed with different devices in mind and we look at the whole process from a users point of view. So much so that we create websites very much with the mindset of 'mobile first'.

This allows us to not just 'make your mobile site website friendly' but to actually create something that is specifically designed for a handheld device. The fact it will work just as seamlessly on any larger screen including desktops just comes as standard with us.

Email Marketing

We plan, design, code, run and manage a large number of email campaigns every week for our clients. We use the market's leading email marketing software which allows you to send to any mailing list of any size, monitor any bouncebacks by viewing advanced bounceback information to keep your list in a good, clean condition and also monitor any click-throughs and number of opens after sending.

All of our emails are written in clean code and adhere to the latest standards to ensure they both display and function perfectly in any email client.

Support & Maintenance

magnetikmedia is a forward thinking company when it comes to the latest technologies and what can be achieved online therefore we offer packages that enable us to work with you on an ongoing basis constantly building on your site and functionality along with managing your marketing on a regular basis. We can proactively work to ensure your website attracts potential clients and, most importantly, grabs their attention.

Websites need looking after too so our maintenance options allow us to take care of the backups and ensure everything is always running smoothly.

Social Media

Nowadays everyone has a facebook page but only a select few have an awesome looking facebook page! We design for facebook and twitter to create eye catching timeline cover and header images to make you stand out from the crowd. We also develop apps for facebook. Like what you are posting that much you want to feature it on your site? No problem - we can develop custom feeds that sit within your website and automatically update as you post.

Don't just take our word for it!

We have had clients from all sorts of industries over the years, please see below a few kind words from a handful of them.

Like what you see?

Whether you have a project in mind or want to find out any more about our services, please use one of the contact options below and get in touch. Let's have a coffee and discuss how we can help your website succeed.