magnetikmedia started out as a social media business, we set companies up on Facebook and Twitter, designed eye catching pages for them and developed apps where needed. We then managed the pages on a monthly retainer basis. We don't manage pages anymore as we find our development work doesn't give us much spare time! However we do still design and develop specifically for Facebook. We design cover and profile images and develop Facebook tabs to give you contact forms or run competitions right from within your business page. We also design twitter backgrounds and header images.

What is a Facebook tab?

Underneath your cover image on your page (the large main image across the top) you will see small boxes, normally by default this will display your number of 'likes' however we can develop and implement new tabs for you. These can contain pretty much anything you would like. Tabs we develop often contain sign up forms which integrate directly with popular email marketing software such as Mailchimp or a simple contact form to give people the option to get in touch with you without simply directly messaging you.

Alternatively, why not run competitions from within your Facebook page? The options available are endless, whatever you need we can develop it for you.

Are there any ongoing costs to have these 'tabs'?

As Facebook tabs have to be hosted on secure URL's (therefore with a https prefix as opposed to a standard http) then they need to be hosted on a domain which has a security certificate. The chances are your site may not have a security certificate however if you switch your website hosting over to us we can apply a security certificate to your site quite easily, this will raise your yearly hosting amount with us but as our hosting costs are only £90 per year anyway then even with the extra cost of a security certificate you still get a great price for secure, robust hosting that covers both your website and your facebook tabs!

If you don't have a website that's not a problem, we can still host the tabs for you on a secure server.

If you're looking for tabs to be added on a regular basis (for example you may want to run a competition once a month) then you may be interested in our support packages where one monthly cost covers all the work we do for you.

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